Two months ago I signalled that little or no regulation may leave a powerful company free to not only lock up emerging markets in Asia, but also to control, in the same areas, new payment systems or distribution of information over mobile phones. That was two months ago.

Today, I saw this update of a post, published in the same period about what is one (more) step in exactly that direction:

Guess who may be testing new payment systems in India /img/facebook-payments-by-mistake-in-india.jpg
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“American social media giant Facebook is likely testing payments over its chat platform Messenger in India - if one is to go by its user interface inviting users to the platform. Facebook called it “a technical error” but two sources said it was clear the company is working towards payments on Messenger, as FactorDaily had reported in April.”

So please go back to carefully re-read [that post of mine]() and the one of which it is just a summary.