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Coming soon in some EU state: Bad copyright vs Privacy?

This stuff is really getting out of control.

China, Russia and California confirm urgent, worldwide need for Personal Clouds

“Data used to be much simpler”. Too simple, probably. Starting this year, we have one more reason to deploy personal clouds as soon as possible: peak data governance.

Do we really need 5G mobile networks? Ask GDPR and seahorses

Telecom companies say that the world needs mountains of new, way faster, Fifth Generation (=5G) mobile networks to cope with the unavoidable arrival of the Internet of Things. GDPR and seahorses may disagree.

GDPR? OK, here you go

Hello World. GDPR has come, so I must tell you how I complied, and how your privacy will (not) suffer by visiting this website. Here I go. Please read, because this is short, but above all it’s about MORE than GDPR.

Forget blockchain. THESE are smart contracts

The blockchain is one of the two or three foundations of the business model of the century. One of its applications should be “smart contracts”. Unless another idea gets the credit it deserves.