GDPR? OK, here you go

Hello World. GDPR has come, so I must tell you how I complied, and how your privacy will (not) suffer by visiting this website. Here I go. Please read, because this is short, but above all it’s about MORE than GDPR.

Executive Summary: relax, I’m not spying you here. But if you want to know why, and above all how to arrive, as soon as possible, to something better than GDPR. So keep reading, it will only take one minute.

Data? Which data?

There is no “I agree” button to click here, because I do not collect or share any data of any kind. The only data related to you that is collected by my server is which browser you use, and when you access a page. But none of those data are ever shared with anyone else, and I never bother to look at them myself. The only thing I may look at, and share someday, is the total number of visits I get every month.

Cookies? Which cookies?

No cookies here. Not by my server for sure. Ditto for any other kind of tracking. Period. No spying happens here. But please do consider what follows, both for the survival of this website, and for your own general peace of mind.

Data collected by OTHER parties

In this website there is NO Google Adsense, Google Analytics or similar systems. In order to not contribute to generalized data profiling, I also avoid intrusive commenting systems like Facebook or Disqus. At the moment, the only way in which Googles, social networks and others may collect info about you through this website are:

  • The graphic theme of this website still uses Google fonts. This means that Google knows that you came here, whenever you download those fonts from its servers to visualize a page of mine in your browser. Whoever can suggest a way to fix this problem, please email me
  • if you share what you find here on some social network, using the buttons in each page, or in any other way, those network will diligently add this information to the record they already keep about you. But the only real way out of this is the “final tought” below

Should you like this…

Writing regularly stuff that makes sense and is, or so I hope, of public interest, takes a considerable amount of time. As far as I am concerned, I do not want to do that behind paywals or similar services, Medium- or Patreon-style, because I see such routes as both wrong, and self-damaging. Nor I want to use heavy profiling banners like Adsense. But this does not stop mortage and utility bills from coming every month. So, if you believe that what I write here, and my other work are useful, you can help me to keep going by as explained here.

Final thought on GDPR, and what should come next

The Italian Web is full these days with this so-called “GDPR statement by a doctor”:

GDPR? OK, here you go /img/gdpr-del-dottore.jpg

which basically says “Relax, because I don’t give a f..k about your data”, in a funny, but frankly too simplistic way. Yes, GDPR is boring us all to death these days, but it also is an important step forward, if a little one, toward an Internet more respecting individual rights. But to really get rid of certain problems it makes no sense to “break up Facebook”, or “regulate” it and the other social networks in any way. What we need is to move to a completely different, but realistic architecture for our online communications. My own little proposal to make that step is here. If you like it, please pass it around.