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Trivialities about digital data, explained

Something you should really, really already know, by now.

Missing: LOCAL journalism linked to CRITICAL Citizen Science

Don’t work harder. Work more connected.

Food for thought on air travel and flight shaming

Why, exactly, is air travel SO bad for the environment? Is flight shaming the best way to address the problem?

Do you REALLY want "more women in science and engineering"?

On April 10th, 2019, the first “photograph” of a black hole was made public. Minutes after that, another photograph has started to be used as a flag to inspire women worldwide… in what I fear is a limiting way.

Is Wi-Fi "harmful"? No idea, but please discuss it in the right way

An paper published this year argues that Wi-Fi is harmful, in spite of previous studies claiming the contrary. Even if it is wrong, there is ONE sentence in that paper that EVERYBODY, scientist or not, should read and remember.

Repubblica: crappy journalism from The Usual Suspects

Do you remember “Who is Keyser Soze?”? That was the recurring line of a great movie, which is now related to another question: who, in the staff of italian newspaper Repubblica (and many other newspapers too, of course) still makes, or allows, crap like this?