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Of course Big Tech investors don't fear governments

How do you fight monopolist mints? Not with fines, for sure.

No, it's not Amazon that "helps police to build surveillance networks"

Don’t look just at for-profit companies doing their job. Look at those who don’t.

We DO need a worldwide Amazon service. We just need somebody else to run it

The only problem with Amazon is that it is a company. One, too fast company.

Two views of privacy, and consent made meaningless

For a great description of the Californian surveillance model, look no further.

Amazon could be (almost) OK if it just became a SLOW standard

Central planning works great. Not in USSR, in “capitalism”. Now, if it only were slower…

The latest PROOFS that Amazon Echo is a 1984 telescreen

The purpose of the telescreens in Orwell’s 1984 is to constantly reinforce…