Please help me share my NEXT million words in 2023


Because EVERYBODY needs to understand for real what “digital” is, these days.

As of today, this blog contains almost one million, two hundred twenty thousand words, in about 2200 posts all 100% free of charge, advertising or tracking.

Each of those posts is an easy, immediately shareable tip to discover and consider, from the points of view that should really matter, digital stuff that matters from “digital” parenting to censorship, e-voting, Internet of Things, automation, smart cities, surveillance, open hardware, and much more:

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CAPTION: Check out this collage of 120 post titles to get a better idea of what the Stop is about

Why I do this, and why YOU may want me to continue

Everybody’s rights and quality of life depend every year more on how digital technologies are used around everybody else. Therefore, everybody, and I really mean everybody, needs to know as much as possible about certain issues, now!

Help me write the NEXT million words!

Three years ago, I committed myself to provide just this service, by publishing six posts per week, almost every week, for the largest possible audience. However, doing it takes a lot of time, and a few months ago I was forced to seriously slow down. I have plenty of material to fill the void and keep going, and I really want to do it. But I simply cannot commit so much time to this service for free.

If, like these people, you think the food for thought available here will contribute to the public good, thanks in advance for supporting it with donations for any amount via BuyMeaCoffee, Paypal or LiberaPay. EVERY CONTRIBUTION MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Transferwise or other methods are also possible, to arrange them please email me.

No money? NO problem! Thanks also for:

  • sharing this call and as many of my posts as you see fit, as much as possible
  • sending me your translation of any post here, in any language you want, to extend their reach
  • supporting and promoting my other work

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