Great news from NextCloud and the EU

Not visible, but great. Seriously.

Great news from NextCloud and the EU /img/nextcloud-logo.jpg

NextCloud is the most promising Free/Open Source alternative to the services of companies like Dropbox, Google, Skype or Zoom. Four years ago I wrote that NextCloud is “one of the most important FOSS projects of our time”. Two years ago, I listed five good reasons to try it. This year, there is one more, from the European Union.

In 2022 there have been several decisions and announcements from government agencies all over Europe about the legal challenges of hosting confidential data on especially US cloud services that are not GDPR compliant.

In the public sector, NextCloud helps governments to solve those problems, by regaining their independence from a small number of tech giants and allow them to confidently roll out digitization efforts.

To achieve this, several European Government agencies and Nextcloud just announced that they formed an Advisory board with members of the Swedish, German, Swiss and other European federal and local governments.

The board aims to further the development of Nextcloud Office, already widely deployed in the Government sector, opening direct communication between the development team and users.

This is one of those “invisible” news…

…that people in the street never get, or notice, but may really change some parts of their lives for good. So, do follow what NextCLoud is doing in the public space, demand that it’s used more. For further information, also read [“Nextcloud works with governments to create MS Office rival for the EU”](at