5G and 6G status check, part 1


Ah, the beauty of solving EXISTING problems…

5G and 6G status check, part 1 /img/pocket-guide-to-5g-hype.jpg

Tom Nolle, president of a strategic consulting firm recently said that it’s Time to get real about what 5G will be used for, and he’s worth reading. Says Nolle that:

  • 5G success will be providing better answers to existing problems (ME: I’d settle for that. If all what passes for innovation these days solved existing, concrete problems, the world would be a much better place)
  • In a way, 5G is nothing but the “orderly process of modernizing wireless networks” that must happens every few years anyway It doesn’t need “justifying”, BUT _“The problem is that vendors want 5G to be revolutionary and transformational, rather than orderly”

The latter issue is what drives the whole thing “to the boundaries of sensibility”, from all the “5G is a lot faster” stories to the promises that businesses could get their own private parts of 5G networks. But even there, says Nolle, “it may take years for slices to be pervasive, and only then if operators take a leap of faith”. Read more details directly from Nolle, and then the related post about 6G.

Image source: “Pocket Guide to 5G Hype”, 2019

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