5G and 6G reality check, part 2


Reality, where are you?

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5G and 6G reality check, part 2 /img/6g-forecast.jpg

A new generation technology standard for cellular broadband networks comes along every 10 years, but “6G is different,” according to this report. Among other things, 6G networks and devices should provide, starting in 2030:

  • effectively instant transfer of the finest image detail, working high aloft and underwater and internet to everyone are only a part of the objective
  • power with the signal so batteryless devices arrive, making the Internet of Things “move to puffed to possible in billions”

Where is reality here?

Heck, if only anything, even a sentence, in the Summary and Table of Contents of that report showed just a tiny bit of acknowledgment that all this should happen in the same (already obese!) planet and decade where top priority should be given to mitigate effects of climate change, minimizing conflicts over raw materials… it would be good, wouldn’t it? (not to mention that it’s the same planet where carmakers are slowing down production exactly because of scarcity of semiconductors…).

How this still appears a sensible medium or long term investment is beyond me.

Image source: “Pocket Guide to 5G Hype”, 2019

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