The 5G strategy of the USA is worrying


Or maybe it isn’t.

In 2014, when Barack Obama was president, the head of the National Security Agency warned the US Congress on Thursday that China and “one or two” other nations possessed the capability of crippling the American power grid through cyberattacks.

In the same year, all US IT firms faced problems in China, because “under suspicion as either witting or unwitting collaborators in the U.S. government’s surveillance and intelligence gathering activities.”.

In 2019, “the states or nonstates that control the 5G network will dictate or control all digital transactions including the ability to share and receive information.” And the country that controls the majority of hardware manufacturing needed to create 5G components and antennas is… China.

Quite a strategy we have here, haven’t we? If 5G wasn’t half hype, half physically impossible it would be real bad.

The 5G strategy of the USA is worrying /img/with-china-who-needs-sopa.jpg
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