Taylor Swift should be digital like Zendaya!


Thumbs up? No, no thumbs up for Taylor Swift.

If you search “Taylor Swift” with a search engine, almost all the first page of results is filled by results like this:

Taylor Swift should be digital like Zendaya! /img/taylor-swift-social-media.jpg

that is, links to her accounts on all major social networks. Her own home page is present too:

Taylor Swift should be digital like Zendaya! /img/taylor-swift-home.jpg

but almost disappears, in comparison. And Taylor Swift is even lucky. Many other public personalities have their own home page (when they dp have enough clues to still have one) appear after their social media accounts. And the real problem here is that it is a big, wasteful effort to post stuff on all those places at once. It would be much better, instead, if Taylor Swift could:

Be like Zendaya. Go POSSE

Last spring I discovered that, unlike Taylor Swift, Zendaya is doing the right thing on the Web that is, as I said: “Zendaya gets POSSE”!

POSSE just means ”(Publish (FIRST on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere)”. In practice, POSSE means keeping as many social media accounts as you want, but:

  • publishing everything always on your own website first
  • and only after that announce the link to what you just published on all the social networks where it may fit.

If it only impacted her, Taylor Swift could continue to not care about POSSE, and go on with her career. But, exactly because she is a celebrity millions of young people listen to, she would do a lot of good by practicing and endorsing POSSE.

POSSE is very important, and everybody, not just celebrities should do it, for all the reasons explained here for details) (and here, for RSS).

And don’t forget RSS

Taylor Swift should be digital like Zendaya! /img/taylor-swift-no-rss-bad.jpg
CAPTION: WHAT? No RSS icon there? Bad, bad, BAD.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is another extremely important open standard that makes it easier to avoid censorship, control and filter bubbles. So please, Taylor Swift: even before you go POSSE, make the RSS icon on your website visible, and actively promote it.

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