Facebook and Google forcing countries to trust them


Please have a look at this scary title, just appeared on the Web:

Facebook and Google forcing countries to trust them /img/facebook-shares-with-google.jpg

If you really believe that it says “Facebook is sharing its data with Google as the search giant reviews potential Russian meddling in the 2016 election”… please read again.

What is really written in the title of that piece is:

“Verification that democracy works as advertised is now officially delegated to corporations that nobody elected, but may basically declare whatever THEY want about the data THEY hold. Governments, Open Government, Open Data… don’t really matter anymore”.

This should really worry you. Even if Facebook were not as easy as it is to “be weaponized to spread misinformation and fraudulent content”. And even if voting weren’t already so ridiculously hard in the USA, or so snobbed in many “first world” countries.

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