• On February 11th, 2010 a public rally against the complete privatization of Acea took place in Rome. Acea is the partly public company that manages the water distribution system in Rome and other cities of the Lazio region. The purpose of the MANIFESTAZIONE was to remind the Major and the City Council that (quoting from online invitations) “water is a public good and no Major - regardless of how many votes he or she got - can give it away as if it were his or her provate property”Rallies like that are excellent occasions to remind everybody, in Rome or everywhere else, to read again “Should water be public or private?
  • Back in December 2009 I wrote about an issue that is still (rightly!) drawing lots of attention in Italy, the so-called “privatization of water”. In that article I explained why, in practice, public or private water management can make very little difference for citizens if all the related data aren’t published online, in real time, with an open license, and noted that Australia wanted to do just that.
  • There are a lot of talks and public discussions in Italy these days about the “privatization of water” that should be soon approved by the national Parliament. Some people denounce a theft of all water that should be forbidden, period! There is also a “Save the Water” national campaign.