• On January 31st, 2010, Milan and a few neighbor areas declared a total traffic ban to reduce air pollution. Since such measures are already used in other countries or may be adopted in the coming years, the protests and questions raised in that occasion are useful to think about the real usefulness of traffic bans in general.On that day, several smaller cities around Milan did not declare traffic bans, many citizens and local administrators publicly declared that traffic bans are simply useless or, at least, discriminatory and proposed in the wrong way to citizens.
  • Walkability is a characteristic of homes and apartments that all their owners, or everybody considering (even in these times) buying a new house should know and think about. In practice, walkability measures how easy it is to live in a place without being forced to own a car, or at least to use it for everything, even buying some bread, every day. One of the ways to measure the walkability of an address is to assign a score between 0 and 100 to it, called “walkshed index”.