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Why do you still propose to regulate, break or clone Facebook, Google & C.?

In the last months, I have seen several experts suggest three kinds of solutions to the problems created by today’s social networks. Here I suggest, again, that those solutions are wrong, and then make a request.

Q: Can we convert facebook into a global coop? A: WHY should we?

“Seems like Facebook is going downhill for here. Perhaps opportunity to convert it into a global coop?” When I saw this question asked online, I couldn’t help but repeat asking how to convert Facebook, Twitter and similar platforms into a global coop is not the right question. The right question is: WHY should anyone do such a thing? What good would it make?

THIS post may be copyright infringement. Yes, THIS ONE

Yes, you read that right. This is one reason:

A reminder from Storify to all platform cooperatives

Storify is a very popular service to turn what people post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,,, into compelling “stories” that can be embedded in any web page. I believe that its annunced death can teach something to all platform cooperatives.

The percloud is still only a proposal. For everybody

This morning, Michel Bauwens asked if any part of my proposals for personal clouds are actually working, or if they still are just proposals. The answer is: Yes, they still are “just proposals. Here is why, and why you should still care.