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The unseen rudeness of WhatsApp and Telegram users

Actions that people would NEVER do in a non-digital world are today built into the tools they depend on every day.

Four BAD online habits you very likely have

Here are four habits that make millions of people waste huge amounts of time, often without even making them feel better.

That collapse brought by Facebook, and its Whatsapp/Telegram corollary

If the research is any indication, writes Dr Raynes-Goldie, Facebook and other social media make people “feel inadequate or maybe even a bit depressed”. Why, and how? The answer, as they say “is complicated”, but one part of it is especially fascinating, and everybody should be aware of it.

UK Labour "closer scrutiny of algorithms" will be useless. If you are lucky

It looks like the UK Labour party will soon call for closer scrutiny of tech firms and their algorithms. If all goes well, it just won’t work, and that will the end of it. Otherwise, it will be really bad.