• Cloud computing is all the rage today: everyone wants us to migrate our digital activities to the “cloud”, that is a new world of remotely hosted data and services. This is no science-fiction: if you have a Gmail or Facebook account you are already using cloud computing today. There are, of course, many advantages to the cloud concept, but also some inherent and serious risks. This report from 2021 explains them:
  • The commitment with which certain companies try to make the problems caused by their products and practices a general issue for which they have no fault, that is something that should be fixed by others with public money, is impressive. I just had a good laugh reading a BBC report about the latest, exceptional idea on how to fix the huge problems caused worldwide by virus-infected computers (that in the great majority of cases run some version of Microsoft Windows):
  • You’ve surely seen, at least once in your life, one of those very romantic, hearth-breaking movies in which some John or Mary die but, just one moment before passing away says to whoever is tenderly holding his or her hands something like: “Promise that you will look after my X after I’m gone”, where X normally is children, parents, spouses, pets or family mansions. Invariably, no matter how serious their condition are, John (or Mary) resist until Mary (or John) does answer with some variant of “Yes, of course.
  • Is that really you?

    (this page is part of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, 2007 edition. Please do read that introduction to know more about the Guide, especially if you mean to comment this page. Thanks) In a digital world, complete and real anonymity online is a mere illusion unless you take a lot of steps, including several ones which may very likely be illegal or not allowed by the contracts offered by any Internet Access Provider.