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Ford just patented a hijacking system

Ford has applied for a patent that would let criminals attach themselves to your vehicle and hijack you and your kids wherever they want.

Please just REFUSE the Right to Repair the Wrong Things

A new lobbying group is fighting Right to Repair laws, in a way that proves that certain things should be AVOIDED at all costs, not repaired.

If you were worried about Russia hacking elections...

… just stop one moment to appreciate this article, and realize what its real title may (or should?) be:

If you died now, who would look after your digital YOU?

You’ve surely seen, at least once in your life, one of those very romantic, hearth-breaking movies in which some John or Mary die but, just one moment before passing away says to whoever is tenderly holding his or her hands something like: “Promise that you will look after my X after I’m gone”, where X normally is children, parents, spouses, pets or family mansions. Invariably, no matter how serious their condition are, John (or Mary) resist until Mary (or John) does answer with some variant of “Yes, of course. Don’t worry, X will be in friendly, capable hands”.