• Patty Traynor is the president at Finish On Demand, Inc a full-service, short-run bindery. A couple of days ago, Ms. Traynor found the first of several articles I’ve written about the Save as WWF, Save a Tree campaign and commented on it. Since that comment contained lots of information, I have published it as a whole post here, with Ms. Traynor’s permission and a short comment from me at the end.
  • The .WWF file format is a “green, because unprintable” file format, with its own website and Facebook page. On March 17 2011, around 10 am GMT +1, that Facebook page was updated with a post that starts saying: “Use WWFs tips on paper efficiency to help save the earth, reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time.” These tips include, according to that post on Facebook (the bold markup is mine):
  • Shortly after its release, I explained why the .WWF file format isn’t a really green and smart idea. Here I answer, with an invite to all environmentalists and green activists, to a critique from Marghe, a reader who got upset because (synthesizing): the message that WWF wants to send is just "don't print without a real reason!" The format is just an excuse, it's the message that counts. However, I find your critique isn't constructive, it seems you're just advertising free (as in freedom) software, but while WWF created a file format to try to do something, you wrote an article that is just useless (and it's bad that it appears as one of the first hits in Italian Google searches).
  • (funny update on Jan 14th, 2011, see bottom of page) On November 30, 2010, the German section of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched Save As WWF, Save a Tree, a “green” (because not printable) file format. A few days later, I explained why that WWF format is dumb, anti-environment and generally useless, the format was cracked and Hans Bezemer released a .WWF toolkit to generate, convert or print WWF files on Linux.
  • The World Widlife Fund recently launched a “new file format” called .WWF, which is green because it cannot be printed, so it saves trees by stimulating people to reduce their consumption of paper. In reality, the “green” .WWF format, which is essentially, just a PDF file with printing disabled. is a dumb idea for two reasons. First, too many file formats are bad in general. Second, .WWF only announced support for the two… most polluting operating systems.
  • Update Dec 7th, 2010: after reading this page, please also read Don’t Save As WWF. This is the really green format! for alternatives to .WWF Update Jan 14th, 2011: No peace for the SaveAsWWF campagin On November 30, 2010, the German section of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), in order to raise awareness about a real, serious threat to the environment, has proposed a really dumb solution that I urge everybody to avoid, for at least two reasons.