• By now, you probably have already heard that many italian Public Administrations, at all levels, are full of debts. What you probably do not know yet, is one consequence of one of these situation that may have negative consequences for you even if you run a non italian business, or are a travel blogger. One of the less known and most absurd sides of italian copyright law is that “basically that you are not allowed to walk around in Italy, take a picture of some historical building and put it on your website without asking prior permission to the government”.
  • In many parts of Italy there simply is no more room to use cars decently, regardless of their cost or emissions. For this reason, a few days ago I translated into Italian a beautiful post on the Frugal Urban blog about the benefits of car sharing in Ottawa. A few days later, the announcement of those translations on a mailing list prompted Damiano C. to write on that same list about his car sharing experience in Rome.
  • Rome is chaotic and not really efficient, but is still one of the most beautiful, visually stunning cities in the world. An act of Internet censorship just happened that may keep it ugly. Here’s what happened, and how you can help. Rome would be visually stunning if it were not plagued by advertising posters, attached everywhere on huge billboards or, very simply and cheaply, on just every surface that is visible, flat and vertical enough to serve as advertising space, in every corner of the city.