• Internet of Things. Smart homes. Smart appliances. Smart everything. How smart is the result?These days we may buy or self-build “connected kitchen gadgets” like: a Smart Grill that can cook almost any food perfectly based on weight, composition, and desired done-ness, all controlled through an iPad app an electronic fork that measures how long it took you to eat, the amount of fork servings and the time in between servings.
  • Microelectronics and, to a much greater extent, software, are two strategic, immensely powerful technologies. Here I try to explain, in the simplest possible way, why this happens and the basic characteristics of some modern integrated circuits.What are software and integrated circuits? Let’s begin with some necessary definitions, in the simplest possible format, about the nature of software and digital integrated circuits. Software may be described as sequences of instructions for machines.
  • The adjective resilient means (among other things) “tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change”. That’s an excellent capability to have in though times like these, isn’t it? You may think that resiliency means roughing it like Rambo or the Amish, or that it is a lifestyle that only very rich people who can buy their own ranch can afford. That’s not true. Resilience, especially in the current economical situation, may be both a smarter way to live and a necessity for everybody, especially people with very, very normal lifes and jobs (or lack thereof…).