Quality Of Life

  • an Internet of Things that we definitely don’t need there is a project, over at Seeed, that is a good example of a really (too) large category of projects that I really do not get. At least, I don’t get why they should have anything like “smart” or “smarter” in their name. I’m talking of “Gmail Buddy - Smarter Email Notifications”:”Gmail Buddy is companion device which checks your Gmail inbox every 15 secs and notify you using sweet elegant light [and] can also be used as a sweet night light!
  • (this is something I wrote down for myself almost ten years ago, when I came across some “Save the Tiger” campaign. See at the bottom the reason why I resurrected this note and put it online now) May we get rid for good of a huge misunderstanding, please? We don’t need to save forests to preserve tigers. It’s the other way around. Every single species changes or disappears anyway, sooner or later.