• (this is a proposal for a talk and related workshop that I submitted for a conference that took place in autumn 2013. The proposal was accepted but eventually didn’t happen due to lack of funding for travel expenses. Since the idea is not tied to that specific event in any way, here it is) Young people have always been critical of politics and public institutions in general. This, of course, is absolutely natural and even necessary, to a degree.
  • This was the abstract of a talk I proposed for a Network Politics Conference in 2011. The talk wasn’t accepted, but I’d like to restart a conversation on this topic, so here it goes.This quote from “AOL loves HuffPo. The loser? Journalism” “The media-saturated environment in which we live has been called “the information age” when, in fact, it’s the data age. Information is data arranged in an intelligible order. Journalism is information collected and analyzed in ways people actually can use.
  • CPUs, that is Central Processing Units, are the central microprocessors that make all the real computing work inside modern computers, from desktop ones to smartphones and servers. I only now found out that China is planning a national, unified CPU architecture. This CPU architecture would have to be used for any projects backed with Chinese government money. The reason is obvious: to reduce China’s reliance on foreign technology and products, in a sector as vital today as microelectronics.
  • E-democracy is working on a blog post on the Top Ten Reasons Facebook (Alone) Doesn’t Cut It for Neighbors Online. This is a partial, extra-short summary of that page, expressly written in the hope that it will motivate you to join that discussion, understand what is at stake and get out of the dangerous “Facebook-only” bubble. by using only Facebook you eliminate at least 1⁄3 of your potential online audience, not to mention inter-generational connection potential Most people don’t friend many neighbors, deliberately Facebook gives you what you like most, not what you need to know Facebook pages don’t work for effective neighbor connecting.
  • Tuesday I took part to this meetup. The only point in the agend was getting to know each other, as a starting point for planning future activities. It was a good and productive time for me. Spending some time to meet in person people you were following online and/or people you’d not heard of before but who share your same interests is always a good investment. Thanks to all participants, and to Elena who brought us together!
  • About 25 years ago I read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. For whatever reason, one of the things that impressed me the most was the passage in which Asimov portrays the power of (automatic?) mathematical analysis to discover the real meaning of some text (1): "There is a branch of human knowledge known as symbolic logic, which can be used to prune away all sorts of clogging deadwood that clutters up human language.
  • Update 2011/02/22: I have answered to the comments by “Anonymous” in a separate page After reading Software piracy is also the Government’s fault a website developer wrote to me (synthesizing): trying to write programs or websites “for everybody” is something that requires a lot of development time; therefore, unless the customer paid to have something viewable with any browser/operating system, you do it. Otherwise, you DON’T. You try to make happy the makority of users and who gives a f**k if not all versions of Linux support Vmw (a video format) out of the box.