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Why I share OLD bookmarks

This month, I started sharing lots of OLD (5 or more years old) web pages. Yesterday, I discovered why.

Software vs. your rights and quality of life, revisited

I have been saying for at least twelve years that your civil rights and the quality of your life depend on how software is used AROUND you. In July 2018, I found the same concept expressed very well by somebody else.

A "complex" economy may make all journalists blind

I found a paper about concentration of certain human activities in large cities that… maybe does not give enough coverage to some among the most important of those activities.

On the real impact of fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles

Fake news, echo chambers, filter bubbles: how much do they REALLY create or influence people’s opinions on politics, or anything else?

Facebook and Google forcing countries to trust them

Please have a look at this scary title, just appeared on the Web:

Facebook and the Future of Global Governance

(this is a guest post by Emanuel Pastreich, director of The Asia Institute, and Professor at Kyung Hee University. The post, originally published at Truthout, in April 2014, is now reposted here on invitation of the author, to whom I am grateful. My own proposal for a better alternative to Facebook and similar services is here)