Open Goverment

  • (this is the translation of the final part of an article I published on the italian Pionero Web magazine in April 2014. The first part is available here) The official definition of Biourbanism starts with the focus on “the urban organism, considering it as a hypercomplex system, according to its internal and external dynamics and their mutual interactions.” In practice, as an almost total ignorant when it comes to architecture, urbanism, psychology and the like, I understand this to mean that Biourbanism proposes to make the places we inhabit decent places, that is places worth living in because they are:
  • I participated to the 2013 Open Data Week in Marseille to lead a workshop on an idea I had a couple years ago, one that seems to be more and more ready to seriously take off every month: Open Data in and from schools. While in Marseille, I first heard about Open Data developments in Sayada and the rest of Tunisia. Then I also heard that… OpenFoodFacts is great and needs you The free, open and collaborative database of food products OpenFoodFacts is great.