Online Education

  • The Free Technology Academy (FTA) is an international institution based in Europe, whose goal is to provide online education, at master level, about Free Software. I recently spoke with Wouter Tebbens, president of the Free Knowledge Institute and FTA director, to know how the FTA works and what are its plans for the next year. Stop: Wouter, what is the FTA’s mission and philosophy? Wouter: The FTA aims to contribute to a society that permits all users to study, participate and build upon existing knowledge without restrictions.
  • E-Learning for Kids (efK) is a global nonprofit foundation whose mission is to be “the source for childhood learning on the Internet, available from anywhere and without charge”.efK produces and distributes online courses aimed primarily at children between 5 and 12 years of age. At the moment, most content is only available in English, but the Foundation always welcomes translators for other languages. This year only, children from all over the world followed 1.