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Ahavel, the elusive entrepreneur

This morning, I found on the Web someone quite strange. Or maybe not.

IoT is the new plastic

Had you noticed that marketing for the Internet of Things is about seventy years old?

The cars that drive themselves. But only if you drive them too

Have you seen that video of a driverless car that killed a cyclist, with the car “passenger” unable to do anything about it? Personally, I find that video a perfect proof of something I’ve always thought: the huge, BASIC problem with “driverless cars” with a driver that should step in when needed.

Louis Vuitton bags and intellectual property

Yesterday, by pure chance, I discovered an absurd story. Nadia Plesner is a Dutch Danish painter. Her last work is Darfurnica, a modern version of Picasso’s Guernica that you can see in the thumbnail here.