• John Michael Greer makes a really important provocation. He begins explaining a few things about the current world that everybody not living in a hole already knows: Our current industrial society was just a non repeatable huge stroke of luck, made possible by access to an immense supply of cheap, highly concentrated fuel that took million years to produce, and was worth extracting (same theme of Never mind the debt!
  • (what follows is an updated synthesis of some comments I made on an Italian mailing list back in 2007). I am publishing them because I feel certain questions still make sense today, and because I am really interested, much more today than back then, to exchange ideas and experiences about this) Fair Trade, at least in forms like “buy these T-Shirts made in India with Organic Cotton, by a company that decided to invest in community and workers rights” leaves me a bit puzzled.
  • I live in a city where basic smart metering will become the norm in a few months, in a country that is drowning in car but wants to produce more of them, just greener. That’s why two distinct pieces of news really caught my attention last week. What are smart meters and electric cars? “Smart meters” are electric meters that can monitor and report to your power utility, more or less in real time, how much power you are using, when and (if they know which kind of appliance is connected to each power outlet) even how.
  • This spring I got in less than 24 hours two distinct bits of news. Each of them was important in and by itself, but getting them almost simultaneously made them much more impressive. At least, they made me think a lot, and confirmed the importance of some questions about car manufacturing in Italy that I had already asked months earlier. On the morning of May 12th, 2010, I read on Italian Newspaper La Repubblica that:
  • The short prayer which follows was inspired by participation to family discussions about next Christmas and from the discovery of the article and website mentioned below. It is a prayer which is perfect for everybody, regardless of religion. You can fill the empty square brackets with whatever you want, from the name of any God to… your own, and it will still make sense. And it’s good even if you don’t celebrate Christmas yourself and nobody celebrates it around you.
  • The week from Nov. 22 to Nov. 29 is the European Waste Reduction Week. The reason for such an initiative is obvious from the 2008 images from Naples: many other cities worldwide risk similar crisis and it’s pointless to discuss whether one should recycle or burn waste if you don’t minimize the amount of waste in the first place.Today, instead, every individual in industrialized countries produces some hundred kilograms of waste every years (imagine a phone booth per person, full of garbage!
  • October 24th 2009 has been chosen for two celebrations that this year, for the first time, have been connected to each other. The first one is TAKE BACK YOUR TIME, a North American initiative that everybody, no matter where they live, should take very seriously and personally. Time is the only thing in your life that you can’t increase. You can only take steps (eating well, avoiding drugs and so on) to not reduce your theoretical life expectancy .