• While I am writing this post, the third meeting of the Open Government Partnership is taking place in Rome, Italy. As you can see in the snapshot, one of the participants just tweeted: inside this building we’re talking of participation, outside people are protesting to defend their job. My answer, also in the snapshot, was “and think what they would do if they knew that Open Data would also (finally, if you ask me) destroy some useless jobs inside Public Administrations”.
  • OpenStreetMap (OSM) is the Wikipedia applied to mapping: a digital map of the whole world that everybody can contribute to draw. The results is maps that you can print, use with several GPS navigation systems or customize at will. The most important characteristic of OSM maps, however, is another one: everybody can freely, legally reuse them for any purpose, including (unlike Google Maps) for commercial activities. This is why maps like those of OSM can help people to find… a job!