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Forget Net Neutrality. Think personal clouds instead

Forget Net Neutrality. Think personal clouds instead /img/net-neutrality-dead.jpg

The FCC Net Neutrality decision on Dec. 14th, 2017 (*) has rightly caused a lot of outrage, and concrete reactions, both political (e.g. petitions) and technical (if you have no idea yet of why you too should be worried, please read this first). Several contacts of mine have asked me what I think of those technical reactions. Here’s what.

Computer health certificates for surfing the Internet? Are you serious?

The commitment with which certain companies try to make the problems caused by their products and practices a general issue for which they have no fault, that is something that should be fixed by others with public money, is impressive.

The real obstacles to personal email management: unaware users and (absent) laws

Email is a crucial, basic service that is almost impossible to not use these days, but the way email is normally used these days has serious limits. The most common answer I get when I try to explaine those limits is some variation of “you may be right, but… I’m not I software programmer and never will, so I have no choice but to use what’s around”. This is wrong.

The Digital Age Explained

(this page is a part of the essay I wrote for the Open Government Book. For copyright info, see the introduction) Index Why Open Digital Standards Matter in Government: Introduction The Digital Age Explained Standards and the Problems with Digital Technology Why Has Digital Gone Bad So Often?

Why custom documentation for Free Software is needed for vision-impaired users

(this is the second part of an interview to Tony Baechler about the usability of Free Software by vision-impaired users).