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The good and the bad in China's "Open Source on hyperspeed"

Is the new Shanzai, and China digitization in general, really “Open Source on hyperspeed”? Not really. But there IS lots to learn from it.

The worst thing about that girl who designed porn banners for a living is NOT porn

Maybe you had not realized it yet, but the shady industry of porn attracts some REAL professionals. As in this case of the girl who

Gucci vs the Restaurant Who Must Not Be Named

(this is a translated excerpt of “Uno che si chiama Gucci” by Alessandro Gilioli)

Gucci vs the Restaurant Who Must Not Be Named /img/gidoc-restaurant-prato-menu.png

On movie studios using copyright to loot their own basements

"the seemingly arbitrary nature of Sony's "let's go back to high school!" Spider-Man reboot was going to be the start of something very unfortunate. And in deed, nearly four years after that announcement, said fears have come to pass.

They had copied all my articles. No problem

Saturday morning I discovered that a certain Web services company had integrally copied on their own website, without even proper attribution, most of the articles I have written for a magazine. Do they believe

The biggest lie on the Internet...

All images on are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain This is crap, guys. Now, if you believe that everything online should be in the public domain, that’s an entirely different matter.