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Social media infer a lot and it's all YOUR fault

Inference plus facial recognition are BAD, but what makes them actually toxic is you.

What may make Warren's "break up Facebook" proposal USELESS

Everybody has been saying for a while that “it’s time to break up Amazon, Google and Facebook”, and now even a USA 2020 presidential candidate has joined that team. Is her proposal complete?

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram merging? A triumph of stupidity, with one upside

Mark Zuckerberg plans to integrate Facebook’s messaging services — WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This has only one BIG positive outcome. And it is big only because of stupidity.

Why do you still propose to regulate, break or clone Facebook, Google & C.?

In the last months, I have seen several experts suggest three kinds of solutions to the problems created by today’s social networks. Here I suggest, again, that those solutions are wrong, and then make a request.

Teens have abandoned Facebook and it's bad

Don’t worry, I am not out of my mind. I still say we should all leave Facebook now. I still promote a way to do it that is jus a tiny bit more realistic and feasible in the short term than almost everything I’ve seen around so far. Still, the reasons and the way teens are abandoning Facebook are bad. Or, as a minimum, misreported.

Who gives Facebook data about non-Facebook users?

There is a lot of talking these days about Facebook getting data about people who are not on Facebook, but not enough on WHO gives Facebook those data.