• An interesting article at The Conversation concludes that: perhaps it’s time for the pen to say it’s farewells for regular use in the classroom, replaced by the smartphone and relegated to ‘writing time’, just like we used to have “computer time” back when I was a kid. I agree that, in classes where all the students and teachers have both a smartphone and affordable bandwidth always available, smartphones may do much more to improve learning than it usually happens in such classes.
  • _(this is a partial translation of an article I published on the italian Pionero Web magazine in April 2014. The second part is here). _Several of my publications and projects come, among other things, from these considerations (which of course I am not the only one to have made!): my official slogan since 2006⁄2007: Your civil rights and the quality of your life heavily depend on how software is used AROUND you
  • In April 2011 (1) I read an article entitled With information technology, more and more young people become their own managers, about a Forum at the Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum in Rome devoted to “Youth Communication in the Social Media Age”. During that forum, says the article, Mr Pier Luigi Dal Pino noted that “computer technology comes to the rescue of the new young entrepreneurs who, more than any other previous generation, are now able to grasp its true value in terms of productivity and efficiency.