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Important IoT announcement

OK, that does it. I just discovered another incredible “Internet of Things” story, and I have something important to ask, and say, about it. Please share this as much as you can.

Women, you are not emancipated unless you buy Smart Appliances

And you all knew this SIXTY YEARS AGO, as this picture proves beyond any reasonable doubt:

The smart devices that notify you when you are dumb

Every object, no matter how ordinary, can become smart and thus bring your life to whole new levels of joy and awareness. I just found two more proofs of this truth.

The tax on future, alleged guilt

(this page is part of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, 2007 edition. Please do read that introduction to know more about the Guide, especially if you mean to comment this page. Thanks)

The hidden cost of software on all citizens, including those who don’t even use a computer, has been already described at the beginning of this book. In addition to all that, there is another tax forced on all students, families, schools and businesses from the entertainment industry.