• In 2001⁄2002 I wrote for LinuxFormat a two parts tutorial for end users on how to configure Gnu/Linux desktops on limited hardware, that in part summarized what we were then doing in the RULE project. Before the actual tutorials, I had also written down my own, very personal motivations for playing with that kind of tricks. The reason was to clarify, first to myself and then to the editor, what itches I would try to scratch, so that text was never published, and I basically forgot about it.
  • (this page is part of the Family Guide to Digital Freedom, 2007 edition. Please do read that introduction to know more about the Guide, especially if you mean to comment this page. Thanks) Regardless of its actual cost, sending a child to a good school is always a huge investment in the future. The relevance, inside school programs, of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), that is how to correctly use computers or telecommunications devices for fun and profit, is constantly increasing.
  • (historical note: this is the second part (the first is here) of an article I wrote for IT Manager’s Journal, which published it at the URL http://management.itmanagersjournal.com/management/04/12/07/2312226.shtml?tid=84 on December 14, 2004. When I rediscovered the original text on my hard drive, on December 29, 2013, I put it back here with the original date as reference, since that whole website was closed years ago)Possible obstacles and dangers First of all, many EU Member States haven’t started yet to port RoHS and WEEE into local legislation.