Geek Culture

  • In December 2013 I came across something I still consider yet another proof of two things: first, much trust in the actual competence of many “digital savvy” Internet users is misplaced; second, many of the proposed alternatives to current social networks are trying to solve the wrong problem. Since it’s still relevant, here is a quote from an email in the public archive of the mailing list (emphasis mine): It is clear to me that a growing number of everyday local residents are actually offended or at least perturbed if you ask them to use something other than Facebook to engage in their local community online.
  • A few great quotes from a piece on technology, Kenyan women and geek culture that all “first world” western people should read in full for its implications on their society: Techies you meet [in Kenya] aren’t trying to come up with the next Facebook or another app to share your photos. They’re solving local problems with, among other things, locally developed apps that: allow farmers to check crop prices with text messaging, skipping the middleman bring math and reading help by cellphone to village schools.