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If YOUR files are really doomed, it will be only YOUR fault

Digital files are your life. Why should you give them up?

Indeed, it seems that Google IS forgetting the old Web

XML pioneer and early blogger Tim Bray says that Google maybe suffers of deliberate memory loss. I may have found more evidence that this is the case.

Star Trek creator was clueless about computers

“Star Trek creator didn’t have a clue of how computer actually work, and how to preserve digital documents, and the curators of his estate weren’t much better”: this should be the appropriate title for the story titled “How Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s words were freed from old floppy disks”. (but see the important update below!)

Three thoughts on the Iron Mountain tragedy

My first three thoughts after reading of the Iron Mountain fire in Buenos Aires were, in this order:

Paying attention: when a (kind of) hacker meets sociologists

Attention is precious and scarce like gold in this age of continuous interruptions, tweets limited to 140 characters and people for which something simply doesn’t exist if it doesn’t pop out in the first page of Google Search results. In september 2010 I have participated to a conference devoted to this theme, that is