Digital Citizenship

  • CONSEGI 2011 just started, and looks promising for two or three reasons. The first one is shown in this picture of the line at the registration desk: there’s a lot of young students here! Hopefully, this is just normal here in Brazil, and only seems surprising to me. However, I would have never expected so many young people at a Conference with such a “boring” program: E-government, Open Data… So far, most events of the same type I’ve attended in Italy and other parts of Europe had a much older attendance!
  • (historical note: this short interview had been asked by a parenting blog, and should have been published there, to explain why all parents should work to protect their children Digital Freedom. Then that editor changed his mind, so I put it online myself, in March 2008, at In the following years, I reorganized my websites several times… until this piece went offline. I put it back at this new URL, with (almost) all the links updated, in February 2014)