• (update from Saab on 2011/03/10 available at the bottom) Car maker Saab recently announced that it will use Android, a version for mobile devices of the “Free as in Freedom” Linux operating system, for its in-car entertainment and information system, the IQon. IQon will do many things, including “audio and entertainment streaming, on-board music storage and online navigation”, thanks to a built-in modem that “automatically connects to the Internet when the vehicle’s owner switches on the ignition”.
  • I live in a city where basic smart metering will become the norm in a few months, in a country that is drowning in car but wants to produce more of them, just greener. That’s why two distinct pieces of news really caught my attention last week. What are smart meters and electric cars? “Smart meters” are electric meters that can monitor and report to your power utility, more or less in real time, how much power you are using, when and (if they know which kind of appliance is connected to each power outlet) even how.