• What is Open Data? Open Data is something with which we can ”/improve how we access healthcare services, discover cures for diseases more efficiently,** understand our governments better”. This is a verbatim quote of the definition from the Open Data Institute (ODI). I have just emphasized the part most directly linked to the possibility for all citizens to make informed decisions. Where was ODI born, and where is it based? Why, of course in the country that not only has been for years “at the top of the league table for open data“ but in [pray note… ] May 2016 still “maintains Open Data lead”.
  • I have a strong feeling that certain headlines and assertions about the Brexit result are if not factually wrong, at least very misleading. I refer to statements that summarize charts and tables like the ones above in this way: “The U.K.’s Old Decided for the Young in the Brexit Vote” “Brexit is a middle finger from the baby boomers to young people like me” “Young screwed by older generations” “Young voters wanted Brexit the least - and will have to live with it the longest” Fact is, it was very clear, well before the vote, that opinions varied greatly across age ranges and that