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That TERRIBLE LibreOffice tip that never dies

It is the one you keep finding scattered all over the Web. Here is another case.

Friendly reminder to people who still don't understand email

The ubiquitousness of no-brain-required social networks and mobile apps has made many people forget, or never learn, a boring truth of digital life: a LOT non-ephemeral online communication still happens via less glamorous, but much more effective tools like email and mailing list. This can have unintended consequences.

Urgent: help needed for a Workshop on Open Data in and from schools

I just got a request to run a workshop on “Open Data in and from Schools” next week, at the Open Data Week in Marseille.

Some questions and suggestions to all commoners

I’m just back from the 2013 Economics and Commons Conference in Berlin. A great event, in which I took lots of general notes synthesized in another post that I’ll publish tomorrow. This one, instead, contains just questions and suggestions from me that I already shared at the conference, or I’d like to share with everybody interested in Commons. A separate post contains my critique to certain arguments against copyright I heard at the same conference.

The false savings of AntexWeb

UPDATE 2014/03/11: the information below is NOT up to date anymore. The current version of AntexWeb does not have those problems. You can read its current specifications in the answer I just received today from Antex

Can you demand my name to give me a public link?

Software Architecture is a 162 pages course book on, you guessed it, software architecture. The book, which is a contribution to the Open University Netherlands (OUNL) to the Free Technology Academy is released under a Creative Commons Attribute ShareAlike License and downloadable for free and without any registration, from the URL above.