Attention Economy

  • Saturday morning I discovered that a certain Web services company had integrally copied on their own website, without even proper attribution, most of the articles I have written for a magazine. Do they believethe biggest lie on the Internet? Even if that’s the case, no problem. I just did what I routinely do in such. Saturday morning I wrote them this email: Greetings, It looks like you integrally copied without authorization some tens of articles of mine from , as everybody may see by searching my name in your website with Google.
  • Internet links, those that lead you to a different Web page when you click on them in your browser, are one of the most important things that make the Web useful and easy to use. D. Sullivan writes that many Internet users and publishers “probably understand that links are important, but many of them probably really don’t understand what a mess the link situation is”. I find particularly interesting this part of Sullivan’s piece, slightly edited for clarity:
  • is an aggregator of (mostly) reader-submitted news about Linux and Free/Open Source software. On March 27th, 2012, published this news: Search Wikipedia Through CLI (Shell) In Linux; By linuxaria (Posted by linuxaria on Mar 27, 2012 9:16 PM EST) Story Type: Tutorial The link submitted to Lxer goes to the corresponding page of the Linuxaria website, where you can read (as in the Lxer announcement) that that article was “originally” published on flossstuff in October 2011 by Ankur Aggarwal who learned the trick from Ajay Sharma.
  • Attention is precious and scarce like gold in this age of continuous interruptions, tweets limited to 140 characters and people for which something simply doesn’t exist if it doesn’t pop out in the first page of Google Search results. In september 2010 I have participated to a conference devoted to this theme, that isPaying Attention: Digital Media Cultures and Generational Responsibility. It has been an interesting experience and one that has confirmed to me, as I’ll explain in a moment, the need for “hackers” and all the other people, including (especially?