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The Amazons of Africa face TWO big challenges, not one

A quest for addresses may send Africa down the wrong path.

Some important, appropriate digital developments across Africa

This is “just” a short list of some digital communities and projects for sustainability and social development in Africa that I think everybody should know. I aim to follow this field much more regularly from now on.

The bright, planetary next billion of Facebook users

Frederic Filloux argues that Facebook’ future is “bright and planetary” because:

The Internet of Things Is Coming. Inside Us. But not like you think.

John Vidal says that the plastics crisis is more urgent than you know, because plastic is “in our food, our clothes - and in us”. But it may be even worst than he says

Without Internet access, are computers any good for Sierra Leone?

(This is my summary of a story told me by Lucia Mazzoni. Paragraphs in bold and beginning with my name are my own comments, added later.