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To all "bourgeois" parents who don't get innovation

Breaking News: Bourgeoisie isn’t what it used to be.

Online resources to understand and enjoy maps

Maps or you will be mapped. But why? And where to start?

Maps are GREAT. Online historical maps are even better

Maps or you will be mapped. And so will be your past.

5000 concepts for Europe: update 2019/03/04

About one year ago, I launched the idea of a book listing the “5000 concepts that EVERY European should know”

5000 concepts for Europe: update 2018/07/11

Below please find the over SEVEN HUNDRED suggestions received so far for my proposal of a “5000 concepts for Europe” book.

On paying for everything you WANT to read, and others be damned

Does paying for almost everything you read put you at a distinct advantage? On one hand, yes, no doubt. On the other, I find certain propositions a bit troubling.