Who train first? Humans or machines?


From artificial mistifications to real priorities.

One year ago, Hazel Henderson asked to “train humans first… before we train machines”. That’s evergreen advice, if there ever was one. Here are its main points:

Artificial Intelligence is a mistification!

There is nothing artificial in these systems. The term that describes the reality is “HUMAN-Trained Machine Learning”.

Technology is always neutral… as those who created it

One important reason (besides quick maximum profit before anything else, of course) why the algorithms running today’s social networks and other digital go wrong? They mimick “their mostly male, misogynist, often white entrepreneurs and techies with their money-making monopolistic biases and often adolescent, libertarian fantasies.”

First things first

Who train first? Humans or machines? /img/education-underfunded.jpg

“Why indeed are we spending all this money to train machines while short-changing our children, our teachers and schools? Training our children’s brains must take priority!”

Image source: “Education - Still Underfunded”

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