Brexit means Brexit... and more high-tech pollution too


As a consequence of Brexit, the UK will also build its own GPS-equivalent satellite system. What does this really mean?

Brexit means Brexit... and more high-tech pollution too /img/galileo-gps.jpg

UK Prime Minister Theresa May rules out, it seems, the usage of EU’s Galileo project, because:

“[She] cannot let our armed services depend on a system we cannot be sure of - that would not be in our national interest”

In and by itself, this position makes 1000% sense. No question. The feasibility of that position is another issue altogether of course. Both costs, and physical limits, like lack of useable radio frequencies may tank it.

It would be nice to to know if it also applies to those F-35 fighters that, as far as I can tell, only Israel, not UK could “be sure of”, and service how and where it wants, with “full” control on which military data are sent abroad. But I may be wrong on that, and it is not the main point of this post anyway.

Here, however, I only want to point out another “drawback” of UK building its own GPS system: the huge, extra pollution, and maybe even non-negligible contribution to global warming that would be the unavoidable consequence of such a big, expensive, not really necessary duplication of equipment would bring.

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