You NEVER saw this if you are older than 27. No, 32. No...


Global warming? “Same Young, Same Young”.

Some global warming data released this week mean that, among other things,

“no one [who is today] under the age of 32 has ever experienced a cooler-than-average month on this planet.”

When I read that statement, I immediately thought “hey, I already read that article YEARS ago!”. Plagiarism? No, but I was right all the same, and I can prove it:

“[anywone who is now] 27 years old or younger [has] never lived through a month that was colder than average.”, said Grist in 2013.

You NEVER saw this if you are older than 27. No, 32. No... /img/global-warming-27-or-32.jpg
2018 is the new 2012

2018 minus 2012 makes six. 32 -27 makes 5. In other (sad) words, 2018 is the new 2012, take or leave one year. What this new data tell us is that, as far as global warming is concerned:

  • since 2012, things have continued to worsen, for the unlucky 27-years-old people of 2012
  • and everybody else, of course

Why am I writing about this

Because my job is to study and popularize the impacts of digital technologies on education, ethics, civil rights and environmental issues. And because I am convinced that the RIGHT digital technologies can and should be a very big part of the right solutions to these problems.

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