THIS is the right way to build and buy computers


Have you ever had to replace a whole computer for NO real reason? Look at this project then.

THIS is the right way to build and buy computers /img/eoma68.jpg

Today’s computers (as almost all other products of course) are deliberately designed to last as little as possible, and in a way that makes it unnecessarily expensive, when it is technically easy, to repair or upgrade them. The EOMA68 micro-desktop project tackles this problem in the right way:

  • computing devices that you can easily fix yourself and inexpensively upgrade, replacing parts with the same facility with which you swap DVDs into your DVD player, at the smallest possible cost
  • possibility to 3D print wherever you want your own custom or spare parts
  • great, absolutely needed reduction of e-waste in landfills worldwide
  • bigger protection for privacy and security, due to the fact that all the source design for every part of the computer are available to everybody, both for customization and security audits

The image above may be a bit cryptic at first sight, but is a perfect summary of all these points. The actual “computer” in that picture is the small metallic package in the bottom left corner: something that you can “plug” into everything from your (maybe home-made) wood enclosure to a compatible, all-modular laptop. To know more, visit the EOMA68 micro-desktop crowdfunding page, and support it if you can!

Oh, and don’t forget… to do the same with modular, easy to repair home appliances that can last decades.

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