A very interesting article from India says, among other things, something we in so-called “first world” countries already knew, but says it well:

From loneliness to smart cities, in one sentence /img/from-loneliness-to-smart-cities.jpg

“we have replaced belonging with connectivity and this is going to have dire consequences in how we reshape our cities and lives”

To many “digital innovators” in the West, this observation from “India stares at a loneliness epidemic” will very likely sound obvious, and trivial.

Nevertheless, we only have to read that sentence from the end, substituting “reshape” with its more current, mystical western form of “make smart”:

“if we make smart our cities and lives by replacing connectivity with belonging, this is going to have dire consequences”

to get something that all smart cities architects, evangelists and so on should repeat to themselves a million times every morning.