There is a post on the P2P blog about the (digital) Fabrication Divide which, on one point, is not entirely correct. I am talking of this specific sentence:

“The key question that hasn’t been asked is how will humanity manage personal fabrication on a mass scale”

That key question has been asked, by me and all the other members of the EU-funded DiDIY (Digital DIY) Project, ran from 2015 to 2017. We also provided some answers, which are listed below.

I do not say this to diminish the value of that post, or of the work behind it, nor to claim any kind of “primacy”! Quite the contrary, actually. I’ve written this post only to:

  • share even more relevant resources with whoever is interested in these topics
  • let everybody know that, as a minimum, both me personally and the Free Knowledge Institute (FKI), are still active in this field, and would love to work more with other partners with the same interests! To discuss how, just email me

Answers from (and beyond) DiDIY

About "managing personal fabrication on a mass scale" /img/didiy-manifesto.jpg

“How will humanity manage personal fabrication on a mass scale?”

Some answers may be found in:

Besides the DiDIY Project proper, the Free Knowledge Institute is currently promoting (among other things) the same vision in projects like Comunificadora and FemProComuns.