About one month ago, following a discussion on Facebook about humiliating one’s ex-partner online, I asked: are men really the only ones to do it?. The question was, and still is, are women really so different from men in those particular case, and if yes, why?

Immediately after posting that article, I loaded it in my browser, as I always do, to check if it contained any formatting error. In that case, I also got an unexpected result. According to the ads that it decided to insert in the page after analyzing its text, Google too thinks that men and women are, indeed, profoundly different when they have to decide what to do next when a relationship ends. This is a snapshot of the two ads that I found side by side in my article when I first looked at it:

Online ads show one of the differences between men and women /img/ad_screenshot.png

I’m sure this is significant somehow, but how exactly, I can’t honestly tell. Impressive, though, isn’t it?