Pirates are not hackers and software piracy is also the Government’s fault

8 thoughts on “Pirates are not hackers and software piracy is also the Government’s fault”

  1. You certainly get it!
    >haven’t you ever meet people, especially young ones, whose computer is full of movies, songs and other files they have never opened?

    I certainly have, ever since the start of the personal computer age. And most of the people who actually use stolen software (eg Windows in Eastern Europe) would not buy it if they could not download a cracked copy because they can not afford it.

  2. Much smoking of good drugs is the cause of writing like this. A hacker maybe good maybe bad. There are both categories not all hackers are angels and not all angels are hackers LOL. But more to the point if your just downloading music and movies then perhaps you would be better categorized as a normal user than a pirate. as those that listen to radio or watch TV are called audience. A pirate is a person who would board a watercraft and attempt to or take over operation of said watercraft. People who download movies are not often adorned with Eye Patches, Peg Legs or Hook Arms.

    Because MPAA RIAA and the like have failed to provide quality downloads with advertising built into those downloads so they make there “Unfair Share” is no reason to call their clients PIRATES or HACKERS. There main problem is and has been the economy suffering loss of profit due to a person’s ability to barely pay their mortgage and eat. Entertainment cost’s are the first thing to go. So it is fairly obvious over the past 10 years of economic downturn that the entertainment industry would suffer the most.

    as far as banks, IAG, Auto Corps and Wall Street have all felt the crushing blow of this economy why should the music and movie business be any different. Do they feel that they are somehow recession proof. In either case it is just bad business to bit the hand that feed’s you and they have brought on there downfall. This is where Hackers Come to play. Now they brought us in on the play and they think they can win us. They are dead wrong. When the economy get’s good again they will then truly start to suffer losses untold. Because they chose to spend there money to harass their customers rather than embrace the technology. They in the end will loose.

    Hackers are people who tend to equal the playing field against those that practice bad business. The more they try to resist the more hackers provide quality hacked material as if driven like sharks by the fury of their rivals. like Microsoft and the WGA this has never been successful and the DRM this has been defeated to the point were Microsoft has decided to drop WGA on Office probably soon will on Software and The DRM is fading soon to be a thing of the past. And there attempt at Torrent engines has met with very little if no effect costing them billions of dollars with no solid gain. if one shuts down two more will open. If they get to nosy on the BT Software one hacker will find a way to defeat that and when they develop secure BT then there will be no more resources for these Stupid Men to follow.

    Hackers have always won these stupid battles and they always will. They may think that they have one by jailing a single one of them like Kevin Mitnick. There are literally millions of us all over the world and some get paid from their government to do precisely this type of job. Many will go noticed and are very good at what they do. Some maybe seen and chased but never caught. Some are evil and damned destructive and have no good intent but to break into your computer to obtain information or delete your stuff.

    To create and plant viruses and malware usually for corporations like Symantec or McAfee Inc. and although hackers are not pirates( 😉 LOL ) they usually enjoy a good movie now and then. as for me I just don’t have time and I don’t care I am to busy coding and searching and doing things on a computer that most people would never have the ability to do. That is what a true hacker is.

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